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Gem prizes



  • Michael B17

    Sea of Riches has gems but the newer people they changed it a few years ago so unless you started before a certain date you don't hAve gems on your spins.  I've never seen gems as slot prizes. A few years ago we used to get small buildings in the final box at the end of a cheaper party.  You got the same buildings over and over you would have 20 to 25 of the same buildings if you partied alot

  • alison2260

    I have Gems as Prizes on SOR.. Love that on 2x day!

  • Mister Kev

    Only been playing regularly last year but I have Gems on mine. I've yet to get the 400 that's on the Gold wheel though!!

  • DenDeb

    I get  free  10 spins   Gold perk every month , I have no Gems  as a prize  on any  of the games?.ODD..I get the odd few  from  my city  and  the parties and the challenges rewards. Was a member for  a year  then  cancelled membership  been playing  for 2 years  or more  now? No  gems on  any  of my games?

  • Theresa Hill2

    I've been playing over 2 years and don't have gems as a prize, so it was a prize before that time.  Really stinks that they took that prize away.


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