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Party issue/question



  • Just Jack

    You went in after your husband, the main party filled before you entered - so you were automatically sent to an overflow party.  The others in the overflow party were also attempting to enter the same party as your husband.  It happens quite regularly.  

  • I love purple

    Thank you for responding and the answer! I had no idea, we went in at the same time but it must have filled up like you said. 

  • Michael B17

    It should of said the party is full would you like to go into another

  • Love my husband

    hi. if you want to make sure you go to party with your husband you need to go to his city click in the upper right where it says visit rooms then click on the room that he is hosting the party,  this is the only way i get into ,ost parties as my internet is slow.

  • Red Hottie

    Overflow happens when the main party fills, It is not uncommon to have multiple overflows. The "Charm" for the party will remain the same and the same qty offered. Charms that people throw at each party is always different.



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