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Party Bullies - Try the GOLDEN RULE folks



  • Luck Is ALady

    It's truly sad when a high Crown level player publicly criticizes a party host because they think that they should have tossed more and/or more expensive charms that they did. Personally I would have immediately booted the offender from the party and blocked them.  I don't think anyone should be criticized for participating in gifting to the best of their ability to do so, which only they know what that is, and especially not the host of the party. IMO that is the upmost in rude behavior and should not be forgiven or tolerated.

  • Red Hottie

    For the most part, there are some really good people on CW. Unfortunately, there are a few who are not. This is at all levels just like in life. Nobody should ever go to a party with any other expectation other than the Host will be there. That is just my humble opinion and I do find that most of the time the energy is matched at the party by willing participants. There are people who go to parties at all Levels who will never toss anything at all. Some of these people are Crown Levels as well and they have been doing the same thing since they started. I don't know why and really don't care too. There is always the option to block a player and sometimes it is necessary although I don't like to.  





  • Night Guy

    HoneyBadger what we see here often mirrors the dynamics of the real world. Anonymity tends to embolden some, leading to a 'keyboard warrior' mentality. While self-interest is natural, imposing expectations on others edges towards entitlement and control.

    Personally, I'm indifferent to tossing, as its impact on gameplay and coin balance is minimal in the grand scheme. Consider this: tossing 10 unicorns costs 9500 gems, yielding 50M coins for everyone in the room.  Alternatively, attending a 10x Unicorn party with the same gems or party passes offers 250 unicorns worth about 1.25B coins.

    It's a matter of choice between 50M and 1.25B coins.

    Tossing may be for impressing, showing off, or simply because you can afford it or like to be generous (Many higher players are like that and never expect anything in return), but gems are precious compared to party passes. You would be much better off buying 2 x T14 buildings for 10K in gems as it'll pay for itself in the long run.

    Choose between instant gratification or long-term investment.

  • Night Guy

    One thing to note, If you have a GnG/SnP party, there's an expectation for everyone staying to participate in busting. If party does not bust it's generally the host that will bust it or at least try.

    However, this approach can lead to misunderstandings. It might be better to stick with GnG, allowing players to toss charms as they choose.


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