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Party Passes



  • Night Guy

    Hello Red Hottie,

    I have records of over 200K treasure boxes from my city and several others, 99% of them are brown boxes since all the boxes pays the same after your city is maxed out. Each box has a tier and a range based on your city size. Lightning boxes don't guarantee less; they guarantee prizes associated with that tier, determined by city size.

    Everything in CW is based on chance—it is a casino, after all.

    Flaming lightning = gems.
    Bubbling lightning = party passes
    Steaming lightning = charms
    Smoking lightning = coins
    Flaming = charms, gems, passes. (chance in order)
    Bubbling = charms, passes, gems. (chance in order)
    Steaming = charms, passes, gems. (chance in order)
    Smoking = coins, charms, passes, gems. (chance in order)

    Good luck!


  • Red Hottie

    I run statistics and keep track of everything as well. Thank You Night Guy, for all of your help and insights. When I got serious about this middle of last year, I learned a lot from You, Ms Donna, and Bond Girl. When I select a Treasure Box I do so on the following Criteria

    1. Gems = Most Important divided by the Time of the box. I will pick a Blue or a Yellow Box (given speed up is in effect) However, The only way I will pick the Purple Box is if I am going to sleep. 

    2. Party Passes = I cut this one off at the Blue Box, 

    3. Brown Box = Shortest amount of time and most chances to get passes or Gems 

    Disclaimer; My city has the value to maximize each Treasure Box equally. Although the maximum value in each box is a chance not a guarantee. The only thing that is guaranteed is the charm The only two I get are 7s and Rubies and I love them more than any party charm I can get.  


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