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  • frockncoffee

    I hosted a beer party and got booted out of my own party

  • bonnie154

    what is going on with this new nmid weekly challenge that i got in my email this morning from cassie and casino world I have asked everyone i know now it is time to put t to the community!

    we have to  now find 3 diamonds in our favorite games to find these 3 diamonds and double our coins. i have been through all the games that i play and have found nothing so far! Is this a hoax or did casino world just forget to put the 3 diamonds in the games?! i can find cassie perfectlyfine when we have to  look for her. Now wy cant lookingfor these 3 diamonds be as easy and we regular fold would like challebges like the elite player s get. and wein whattheywin.and we should not have to pay at least let us try their games out. they have to payo ff better than what we are playing.

  • Mrdon n Strait

    VEGAS BABY!!!!



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