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ways to earn gems and coins



  • Mrdon

    Party gems awarded on the buster bar??? We pay a Min of 5 gems to get in a party!!! You need to reward a Min of 5 Gems on the party Bar!!! We spend a lot more to bust a party!!!!


  • Mrdon

    How do I post this to all my friends??


  • Lonni B

    Casino world needs to REFUND folks' gems after entering an UNSUCCESSFUL party.

    If the party is SUCCESSFUL then charge folks.
  • Sugar1

    The game sucks never going to do a credit card. It's a suppose to be for fun.

  • Samantha

    Lonni B, Players are not charged if the party does not successfully complete. If you attend a Charm Party, and it does not receive enough players, you won't be charged the Gems/Party Passes.

  • Red n Robin

    I feel depressed after attaining the level of so many billion it looks like mission impossible

    to reach the next level , do you have any tips to help attain the next level ?

    What is the best way of going about attaining my next level .

    S T Ruggling

  • k9

    S T, I've been on here for two years and struggled mightily to get through the Milestones. Somewhere around Milestone 30 I plateaued - stalled and began to think the next levels were a reach too far for me. About six months ago I learned from a friend three tips which finally got me moving again. I'm now at Milestone 57 and can see the path forward.

    Tip 1 - Build up your city. Well stocked cities bring coins by the millions, party passes by the hundreds and even thousands, gems by the hundreds and lots of charms. Some of these gifts come directly from the buildings but a well stocked city produces large, valuable gifts from the Treasure Boxes. The best cities have the richest Treasure Boxes.

    Tip 2 - Faithfully do all Challenges every day. At month's end you will cash in Perks from the challenges. Perks will gift you free gems and coins. Get them all. Keep doing all Challenges through the month even after completing the Rewards path to the finish line. The extra challenges will add Perks.

    Tip 3 - Become VIP. We're here to watch the wheels spin and enjoy ourselves and along the way pile up the riches. Gems and Charms can really pile up the riches and VIP players get soooo many more gems from the challenges it's just ridiculous. VIP membership (four months now) really got me moving.

    A note about your city - this is where to spend your gems. Exclusively. Save up gems regularly and use them to buy costly buildings. As soon as you have 1,000 gems buy one expensive building, saving and buying. In time you will have a very rewarding city. Also, crowd your buildings together making room for more. As the city fills, move cheaper buildings to storage for more room. Buildings in storage will continue to pay out.

    Hope this helps.

  • Michael B17

    All good points K9.  Especially the city.  Once you get so much good buildings you start getting the 6 clover charms like luckiest 7 and mystic ruby and golden apples.  even the 10 minute box you get 4 clover charms.  the best buildings are the Willie buildings.  sometimes you get gems or passes from the green presents on top of them.  And you get at least 2 clover charms from them buildings also 


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