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Is host suppose to be at there party ?



  • Official comment

    If the host doesn't attend, they don't get anything from the party.

    So while it's maybe not the best social behavior, they're not getting an unfair advantage.

  • Great Dane PUP

    What does the host get if present during their own party?

  • Dougaroo

    The host gets a free bonus Charm.  So if e.g. there are 20 people who attend the party, everyone will get 20 Charms and the host will get 21 - as long as they are present.



  • Julie aka Jules

    Not very exciting!  Especially as host has to pay to setup party and then pay to get in....

  • Dougaroo

    Many people might enjoy an extra free Charm for the 30,000 Coins (or 3 Gems) for hosting, but certainly that's up to each player to decide.

    If you don't find that exciting, maybe best to just stick to attending parties rather than hosting them.



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