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  • mykall

    Yes i agree with MrDon we need more then 3 daily challenges. And also once we hit the 900 point then what do we have to look forward to beside our points . What do our points get us anyway?  There is nothing once we get there. Can anyone tell me please. The Challenge thing was a great idea but it is lacking incentive. This site  is more costly then there Vegas World and Zone and you get less. Thank you..

  • Mrdon

    You tell'em Mykall !!!


  • Lil D Hustler

    Good points Mr Don & Mykall.  I had no idea what point limit is. 

    A lot of things you learn on your own or find out by asking someone.  Had no idea once I crossed finish line how much more it would be before it ended.  Seems like there should be more especially if there's nothing else left for you guys to continue doing if you've completed that & achievements.


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