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Lifetime Achievement



  • JAM57

    Went back and played again and this time I won just over 641 mil in coins and now I'm sitting at just over 2 bill and 68 Mill in coins and it still won't complete the Mile 39 achievement award.

  • GrandmaBear

    at 2.203 Billion you will hit marker 40 .. maybe everything will straighten it's self out then .. you're so close .. GrandmaBear


  • Marsha Moreno1

    I was just about to win the 7 billion 900 thousand lifetime award when all my money and gems disappeared.  What a disappointment this game is when it pushes you to build up your fortune and then allows it to disappear.

  • BlessedYear2022

    Wow how disappointing i hope they give you your winnings, let us know what happens? did you make a report to support? if not i would suggest that and good luck when dealing with AdamC he can be dismissive and unhelpful but i do hope someone in support can help you.


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