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They make me pay to re-enter my own PARTIES!


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  • DoctorO

    I agree ... pop-up boxes come up constantly, blocking one's view of the screen and interrupting one's game play. When this happens during a Season Challenge or another challenge, you lose all of the progress you made toward that challenge and you have to start all over again. It happens so often, I don't even bother to report it. It just seems like Casino World wants to make it work this way (so that you'll waste ur money). Afterwards, one cannot resume in the game you were previously playing. I've lost lots of charms and gems over this issue. I've only been trying this website for about 1 month. May not continue ... way too many glitches in the games and with the programming. If these people were smart, instead of hiring people like AdamC who only rarely give decent advice and infuriate most people that he interacts with, the company should hire upper-level players to Beta-test their games before they release them to the rest of us. Maybe that way, they could get the games to work better.


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