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Tired of losing...BYE BYE



  • If only

    tired of losing also.... win then they take it away, so your forced to buy more gems... rip off

  • Sparrowhawk

    So I renewed my VIP for another month.  Just to see if I could get so fun out of it.  Nope.  Continued to take my winnings.  I attend lots of parties and contributed with high-end charms.  Finished the monthly challenges and today, my account sits at $100,000.  Didn't think CW would drain you to nothing as a VIP for 3 months now, but they do.  Unless you are willing and able to spend hundreds of dollars each month on buying gems, you cannot sustain yourself to play just for fun.
    Sorry CW developers...I just can't afford to continue.


  • Great Dane PUP

    I'm on a 1 month trial and enjoy the Solitary Black Jack. The dealer is pretty lucky, as I agree with a "member" on a previous question. I constantly move my bet amount up and down and now have over 6B coins. I also received 1B yesterday for just playing solitary poker as a player bonus. I do like the fact that I can bet MAX. 10M vice 500k on slot machines. I find the poker program a challenge and know this is meant to be for fun and not financial gain. What I don't like are the folks who repeatedly freeload at the parties. I understand when you are low on Gems (They cost $$$) but I see a pattern for some players.

  • Johnny nhis Mutt

    I noticed when playing one on one blackjack the dealer is extremely lucky.  I also noticed that if you hit on 13 nearly 8-9 times out of ten you draw a face card.  Uncanny!


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