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Charm Parties!! Gems!!



  • Lil D Hustler

    Mr Don ~ Getting gems & party passes from city & challenges is great !

    Monday am (yesterday) I was on am & went to a party.  I realized that it was buy 1 charm get one free plus parties had some good gems along with charms so I made sure I had a good inventory of gems & looked at parties which was a very slow day so I scheduled parties at times no one else had them every hour !  I went to all friends parties to help them & others get free charms.  I was partying like some kinda madwoman & friends asked me "Do you ever sleep?"  Of course not !  I have 15 different avatars which require no sleep !  If I need a different avatar with more energy it's a simple switch. Currently I don't have gems due to my excitement with yesterday's promo & this am I received some more gems plus passes which was exciting.   Going to a 75 gem party with limited gems doesn't leave you with as much left but 1Grampy's party was worth it ! 

    Some of the gems we get back in parties on meter can be big; however, gem party days seems to go every level until bust. 

    I think having a VIP program that rolls out a gem plan like a data plan would be a good plan rather than truckload concept which if you spend $ 20 or more cost is 1 cent each no matter what you get unless you do the truckload which computers to less than a cent.  It would be nice if either VIP included so much in gems or if it was an add on (like phone) it would be a cost that make sense to buy.  I don't know what percentage is what people are buying at what price but have heard some people buy at $ 6 which is 3 cents each given that's what they can afford.  Instead of buying by truckload maybe a different restructuring of it that can help those that may not be buying as much gems due to financial & those that choose not to help as it's so nice when everyone that can do something does what they can then it makes a good party rather than people upset at others not participating.

  • jm65

    how come I attend a party all the way through and receive no gems?


  • jm65

    Is there something I am not doing. The party said I just received 25 gems, but I never received anything. 


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