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  • Lil D Hustler

    I agree Mr. Don !  Beer, martini & champagne are alcoholic drinks & holiday drink & coke.  Food is limited to lobster, cake & ice cream.  Pizza goes with all drink charms.  Ask Pizzaman Don who said he makes his own sauce & pizza at his biz I'm sure he'd agree !  It would be fun to add some more food charms.  Maybe something unique like a monte cristo sandwich too !   Some people would say- hmm.. I've never heard of a monte cristo sandwich.  What is that ?

  • Chopper 65

    game froze reload again had like 6000 charms after got back on had 2500didnt play much mostly chat I know how fast charms are used I didnt USE them reloads are very irritating lost stuff all the time passes gems . I like this game but theres alot of flaws.. And we pay for you for it ....TY 74 Shovel

  • SJMMC and Stubby

    Maybe that's why I went from 1600 charms down to 300 in less than a week, My game has been constantly reloading since last weekend when they had 2x turbo speed special.  must be CW's way of taking back what they had given? 


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