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  • Official comment

    Parties are great places to get a bunch of charms.

    When you click on a party, you agree to pay the price to buy 1 charm.  Then after enough people also go to the party and agree to pay, the party triggers and everyone in the room gets a bunch of charms (like around 20) having just paid for 1.

    It's a sweet deal.  And a chance to meet people.

    But while you are at a party you will not be actively playing other games.  They usually take about 10 mins to fill up, give or take.

    Hope that's helpful.

  • Magic Mayhem

    You don't HAVE to buy charms, it's a matter of gambling etiquette.  There are avatars that will try and "shame"an avatar for not buying, and it's their choice to block you.  There are times I'm low on gems, and am unable to give as others.  When I do have gems, I try to buy good charms.  I have been blocked before for not giving more than a couple beer charms.  It happens.....

  • BlessedYear2022

    So people on here are blocking people for not having gems to purchase charms at a party? wow because gems go fast and that means if people who budget are being discriminated against on this site! nasty nasty shame on them and their ugly spirited hearts! there's no way around this dynamic unless CW makes some creative adjustments in favor of the budgeter. Casino World is a fun site with great artistic visual which I LOVE! But we cant change ugly in a persons heart, so if Creepies block you CELEBRATE IT! ;) WOOT WOOT xoxoxo Hugs and Kudos to all who have been blocked by rich charmers on here because you chose not to blow your budget and played the game your way instead of being bullied into breaking your personal budget for the approval of BULLIES! .... I have blocked shamers and bullies then left parties because of this happening

  • Dougaroo

    Yes please don't feel compelled by others to buy more charms than you are comfortable with. Play the way you want to and it's definitely fine to block players who are hassling you to do more.

  • Magic Mayhem

    Agreed-and I learned the hard way!!!!

  • NorCal Girl

    Since this last update, I think the meter mover much slower than before.  I was just in a single beer party, ity took forever to bust the party.  I personally bought 5 Pumkcakes, 4 champagnes, 2 cigars and 4 helicopters.  I can not tell you how many other charms were purchased but there were over 45.  It never took that many charms to bust a single beer party in the past.  I have to agree with Dan D - leave as soon as you get the 25  charms and save your gems.  I've started attending only the Grab and Go parties so I don't feel guilty about leaving so soon.


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