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Season Vault



  • Official comment

    It's some cash back for each currency in proportion to what you have spent in the month.  So the more you spend, the larger the amount of each currency that comes back at the end of the month in the vault.

    Also you can unlock boosts to the rate as a reward for completing enough season challenges which then increases the total amount paid out.

    Additionally, in the May season you'll get a reward for the season points you've earned - even if you earn more than you need to unlock all of the rewards.


  • JMAN57

    Dougaroo, thanks for the quick response. I have one other question. At times on the slots during a payout spin, the are special effects that turn on. (Smoke, rose pedals, spiders, fish, etc.) They stop once a spin does not have a payout. Is there some special meaning to these effects? Just wondering.

    Thanks in advance, JMAN57

  • Dougaroo

    I'm actually not sure about that JMAN but I don't think there's any special meaning to those - just adding some visual flair.

  • Charlie1654

    how does one access items in the vault?


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