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Camped out at parties



  • MJayne01

    You can enter a party early through the host city.  If the host has not blocked their city, go to their profile page abd tap on the city tab.  Tap on enter building button in upper right corner.  Then tap the party icon of the building your party is in.  Don't go too early try 5-10 minutes. It's nice to chat and make new friends while you wait for the party to start.  A screen will pop up about 1 minute before the actual start time.  It will ask you to use your passes or charms to enter the party.  You need to do this to secure your spot.  A very popular party may need more than 10 min. head start.  Hope this helps. - MJ

  • Michael B17

    Some partys you can wait and go in when they start but some of the real popular ones you need 30 mins or so   most go 15 and your ok  depends on how popular the host is.  



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