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End of Lifetime Achievement Awards and Season Points



  • Official comment

    We will keep adding to the lifetime achievements over time - it just takes us time to build the new story pieces.  I think another milestone will be launching soon.

    As for Season Points, with the May season you will start to get a reward in your Vault for any season points that you earn - even if it's beyond the end of the normal rewards for a season.  So stay tuned - that improvement is coming soon.


  • Romana

    Next mont the season points reset. Life time achievement is only until level 40. To my knowledge.

  • Baby got back

    you  took my money i want a REFUND

  • MI5

    Is there any way to purchase Party Passes other than waiting for Treasure Chests to rarely reward them?

  • Dougaroo

    MI5 - you can always use Gems to go to any party.

    So no need to buy party passes (with Gems).  Just so long as you have enough Gems, you can just go to the party.


  • Dougaroo

    Party passes can only be used to go to parties.  Gems can be used for parties or lots of other things.

    So if you have party passes, they are always used first (because they are less flexible).

    It's a bit like having an Amazon gift card and dollars.  You should always use the gift card first when buying something.



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