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  • Official comment

    Sorry to hear you've had such a rough time with Blackjack.

    I can assure you that the Blackjack game is a completely fair deal (we really have no financial incentive to make a biased game - we don't make money if players lose a lot at Blackjack - it's really not good for us and it's not good for you.  If it was biased, you will quite reasonably get mad and quit playing and we don't want that).

    But I also doubt that my assurance will mean much to you.  I do understand that you are fully convinced that the game is working against you and there's really no way for me to "prove" that it's not.

    So probably best to just stick to playing the other games.  And do accept my sincere apologies for your bad experience.


  • Dougaroo

    Yeah again sorry Vinny if you're not happy with the game experience.  I can understand how frustrating it is to go on long losing runs.

    I did however just check your account and in April playing Blackjack you personally have a payout of 95.5% on Classic blackjack (Blacktie) and 99.8% on Hula:

    95.5868%  Classic Blackjack - Single Player 
    99.8715%  Hula Blackjack - Single Player 

    So we would generally consider that to be a reasonable payout from the game and actually that 99.8% payout rate does suggest a very skilled Blackjack player.  If the dealer was biased or broken in some manner, we'd expect a substantially lower win rate.

    But of course again, if you're personally not enjoying the experience then certainly wise to try some of our other games.


  • DoctorO

    Vinnee - I agree entirely with your analysis of Hula BlackJack (single). I have noticed the same things (and written about it elsewhere on this site).


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