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  • Official comment

    Sorry JMAN I don't know of any way to do that on these forums.

    You can certainly contact our customer service team and they can communicate one-on-one.  But that's not actually my job.  I'm just an engineer at the company and try to help out answering questions that I see where I think I can help.  If there's a way to PM on these forums, I'm not aware of it.


  • JMAN57

    Dougaroo, appreciate the response. So I'm going to ask you my main question as I'm sure it relates to the programing. I'll try to keep this short. Several times in the last 3 months I've gone through 3-6 day "dry / losing spells. I'm not sure why this happens. I joined VIP, I buy the gems, and I spend the gems. I see many other people who are winning 10 B. coins a week, and I'm struggling to make 100 M. Today as one of the challenges, you were required to get free spins in Relics and Riches, 3 times. 350 spins, nothing. While spinning, another player in the room hit free spins a minimum of 10 times for over 1.5 B coins. It's very frustrating when you spend the time and money and this happens. Any clues how to change these bad luck streaks that keep happening? When you bet 500K per spin, it gets very "expensive" Your input would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, JMAN

  • Lil D Hustler


    What I have noticed for slots since it isn't about skill but rather with spins is that I look for ones that have highest payout on pay table & then look at the jackpot amount which is shown..  Boogie Fever has had a high jackpot & pay table is decent.. several others have ones that are 250 or 300 million if you ever happen to hit jackpot but this also means it gives out decent lower amounts when it hits.  Ones that have 100m like Relics one or others that don't have as high on pay table I avoid unless  there's a promo involved & more people playing.  If there's any acheivements left to do on these slots then there's that bonus on top of charm bonus plus if it gives extra spins or find Cassie... When finding Cassie I started with Boogie Fever 1st since it has highest jackpot, then did Unicorn Valley since it has 300m pay table, then others like Happy Days, etc that have 250 m payouts with higher jackpot..

    Not an expert on this but have had some good winnings which have landed me higher up on leaderboard sometimes.

    Hope this helps & have fun !   

  • JMAN57

    Lil D, appreciate the feedback. Problem for me is, this is happening on all 25 slots. Just today, loss of 150 mil. And I'm playing some at 40K to 100K to keep losses down. I had to laugh, finally got free spins on fright night playing 500K and won 80K on 5 spins. This has been going on ALL week, and has happened 4 other times. Just getting old. Sorry for the rant.

    Thanks for taking the time for a response, have fun and win BIG.


  • Dougaroo

    Hey JMAN - I hear you.  Losing streaks are really rough.

    My personal favorite game is poker and I've had nights where I have played an entire night and won only 2 hands.  It's a mathematical impossibility but it does happen.  Then one night we got to the last hand of the night and we were going to stop as soon as the last person to win a hand lost.  I won 8 straight hands that night from the very last hand on.  It's just crazy.

    So one piece of practical advice and one psychological.

    On the practical side, if you place really large bets and are playing with charms, sometimes the charms will struggle to "keep up" with the big bets.  Especially if they are relatively small charms and you've playing nose bleed level bets (like 500K a spin).  So that can be a reason to keep the bets a bit lower if you find you are out gunning your charms (larger, more expensive charms don't suffer as many issues like this with big bets, but you may not be playing with charms at all or may only be comfortable at lower price points - all completely reasonable.  I'm not trying to talk you into spending more than you're happy with).

    However, no matter the best practical approach you will still hit losing streaks.  There's just no way around it.  Sometimes we all go on runs of bad luck.  There's no simple answer to that.  For me, I've learned to remember the good days when you hit a rough patch.  When I had my night winning only 2 hands of poker, I was pretty bummed, but I could still remember my super hot streak from before and that at least helped.  Main thing is don't get too down about it.  It's meant to be a game and it should bring you pleasure.  If it's not doing that, take a break, go for a walk, change the mood.  Your runs of bad luck won't last forever, but they will hurt when they're happening.

    Sorry I don't have a better answer.

  • MI5

    I'll tell ya what I'd like.  If I could gift or transfer my party passes and/or gems (and yeah, even my coins) between my VW avatar and my CW avatar.  You'd think that since both sites are operated by the same folks (Flowplay), you could do that.  VW just keeps pouring party passes in to me but CW is very stingy with rewarding party passes.  The old "select the Treasure Chest with bubbles" strategy on CW doesn't always give party passes...and even when it does it's usually not very many.  I'm constantly running low on party passes at CW and there's no way to outright buy them for yourself.  I've even suggested that CW either creates a party charm for passes that could be gifted at parties or make one of the party meter milestones (like the mystery boxes) contain passes, but they told me the math doesn't work in their favor to do that.  So I guess handing out more party passes so people could spend more gems at parties (and therefore have to buy more gems when they run low) doesn't generate enough revenue.  Go figure :((((

  • Lil D Hustler


    It's always luck involved with whatever gambling & slots does not take strategy to play like other games which you make decisions.

    One thing I have found on here is to look at what the payout is.  You mentioned Fright Night which payout is 160 million & have noticed has a lower jackpot total at top.  The new relics & riches is 100m payout.   The corgi one however has a 300 mill payout for max.  So which one do I choose to play ?  The corgi one out of 3.  I tend to play when there's a promo of extra spins, look for Cassie or something that will have more people playing that particular slot..and in case of find Cassie I picked top ones with higher payout & jackpot 1st before others ones

    This seems to really help in getting charm bonus, slot winnings along with whatever promo... 

    I did make a BIG mistake one time.. I had a good amount of charms so was good for playing slots.. I set it on auto spin & fell asleep !!  ALL my charms were gone & winnings not so good.   NOT a bad thing to use auto slot play because it does automatically add coins total in event you are interrrupted by party invites or invites for poker just watch that doesn't wipe out of charms without winning !


  • Lil D Hustler

    MI5, I have been doing this strategy you mentioned selecting lowest time when online & longest when offline .. like when I actually do sleep !  Funny that they do have a vampire on lifetime challenges LOL..  One time on a balloon I got 384 passes just for 1 balloon that day & not counting other passes plus gems. 

    Think it depends on what buildings you buy which on whatever the tier I have been trying to get the largest size in tier.. If it says Tier medium or large I pick large.  Seems that bonuses from these income buildings have gotten better & better.  Whenever I get more building credit am trying to use for bigger properties.. Those party pass ones in different gem colors are for going to different parties.   I like to gift people Sea of Riches because you can win different things plus extra spins.  One bronze one I got 14 extra spins which gave 40 gems, passes, coins & charms.  Plus it helps towards achievements which are shown under your profile which has several things listed it pays out for.  You can check which things are & are not on achievements so you get that in addition to the charm bonus & promo.  I've been on here close to 3 months & didn't get it at 1st about what I needed to check city for or do challenges when I was there to play games & pokers. What did I need that for ?  Turns out this site isn't just for playing games when there are challenges involved it can be for some things I haven't played or played much. When you play it can find that it is fun or may be just one you want to do for challenge only..


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