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  • Official comment

    You can write in to our customer service team (rather than posting on the forum) and they can look up what your Gems were spent on for you.

  • guy725

    okay, thanks....know anything about the renewal for May on the VIP?  On settings it's showing renew 04/30/2020 but nothing happened.


  • Dougaroo

    We should be trying to charge you for May.  If that's still not worked by tomorrow, please contact our customer service folks and they can investigate what's happening.

  • Starlee

       I  haven't  bee4n      able  to  ge3t  in  parties sven  on  personal   invites  what  is  uo


  • NewMexico Dancer

    I am so tired of YOUR dragons telling me I have no more matches & I need to spend 60 more gems to continue to play.  However I saw additional matches just as I was cut off.  I do not like to be cheated out of my points & game. so you make additional money

  • NewMexico Dancer

    It just makes me tired of the whole Casino World


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