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cost of VIP



  • Official comment

    Sorry if that's not very obvious.  It's $19.99 per month charged on the 1st of the month.

    You get the first month when you sign up for free (e.g. if you signed up now, you'd get May free - which is almost over, so you'd only want to do that if you had already finished all of the challenges and could then just pick up all of the VIP rewards).

    Probably better to wait until June 1st, then you can sign up and get June for free and you won't be charged until July 1st.  And you can cancel your free trial at any time (you keep VIP for the current month if you do that).  That's unless you want the doggy.  He'll be gone by June.


  • Sandi 188

    i signed up for VIP and didnt get the 1000 gems promised!! Help???

  • Dougaroo

    The rewards for VIP come over the course of the month as you complete the season challenges.  So don't worry, you will collect a lot of Gems as you play and pick up those rewards.

    Sorry if that wasn't clear from our messaging.  But if you complete a few challenges you should start to see the rewards light up and you can collect the VIP ones.  You have the whole month of June to collect them.

    Hope that helps explain what's going on.



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