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Buildings that never get upgrade option




    Also currently, no up grade for the following:


    5. Club VIP @ 500k building bucks


    Ok, so why is it important, that buildings you purchased, upgrade? When you upgrade your buildings the income from these buildings increases. So, having so many buildings, you purchased for your city not upgrading, you are making zero income from these buildings, in your cities. They may look nice, and make your city look nice. That is all they are doing. Bottom line, until these building have upgrades, the return on your investments will be zero. Not such a great investment, Right??

  • EllenM

    I agree that all buildings should have an upgrade option.  The initial investment can be quite expensive, and when they stop with the income, it feels like a waste of money.  If all buildings had a upgrade option, CW would still get the gems that we pay for the building bloc's and we would get the income AND I for one would be very happy!


  • 1 Shar

    Thank You Ellen, I could not have said it better!

    I too agree with You, Mr. Mercy Me, No! This is not a wise investment at all!!

  • 1 Shar

    Hopefully the developers will correct this issue and or atleast give us a heads up as what future buildings too will not be upgradeable so that we can invest in something that will generate a profit!


  • Kruggerrand

    Not only should all buildings be upgradeable, they should have some kind of repurchase or depreciation value. The meager space allotted for my city is packed full with scores of buildings in the garage. There should be a secondary market for used buildings so they migrate away from my space. To reiterate:

    1)All buildings, for sale new, should have available upgrades

    2)All buildings should have a resale or trade-in value which can be used towards the purchase of any other building

    3)There needs to be a secondary market for used buildings, available for person to person transactions.

    4) The space allotted for the cities needs to be increased.

  • Mrdon

    Yes I Agree!!!!! with the other kids!!! the have some good ideas!?

    I suggest In the Bldg. Shop you add a menu what Bldg. can be upgraded to on the base model? It could also be used to upgrade at our connivance instead of getting random popups!!!!

    I did get coins from a firepit the other day!!! so keep up the good work on upgrades!!!

    N what about adding Bldg. coins awarded for hosting parties at theses Bldg. 

    Thanks Mrdon

  • Nicci

    At most... I was getting coins from 3 of my buildings.  For a while now, I've only been getting coins from 1.  I've upgraded everything that I can... is there a trick to getting coins or anything from them?

  • DiveDeep

    Hi Nicci, I've only been a member for 2 months now, but from observation there seem to be three things that trigger the types & value of prizes.

    1.  How new is the building (Prizes SEEM to pop into the one of the most recent buildings first, then work their way backward.

    2.  The Longer prizes are unclaimed, the more valuable they are when selected.

         If they are coins, you get more, the longer the prize remains unclaimed, when the coins seem to max out for the type of property, it seems to either trigger another building to create a prize, or add a secondary prize to this one, such as in te case of coins, you may also get a charm out of it at the same time.

    3.  The longer prizes sit unclaimed, the more different buildings produce prizes.  (1 decided to wait a few days recently and was able to collect prizes from 28 buildings at the same time, with the more recent ones being the least valuable, and the more aged being the most valuable.)  I don't know if the play that you accomplish affects the value or not.

    Anyone with more experience, please feel free to chime in where I'm wrong.  (Or expand as necessary).





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