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When do I get VIP rewards/benefits?



  • Official comment

    Sorry that wasn't clear Purty, but you'll get the rewards over the course of the month as you finish the season challenges.  And those rewards will include a whole lot of Gems this month, plus other special items (I think there may be another pet available this month).


  • mel5775j

    I just renewed my VIP mbrship and did not get the 1st season challenge reward of 200 gems,  Please correct.

  • Michael B17

    Did you get a thing in your inbox says your a VIP again ?   Mine worked this morning   reboot the browser then try again  If you hit all the challenges today you should have 9 rewards now and 165 season rewards.

  • scottyg1

    So if I joined the vip today, with only 3 days left in the month, I would get all the VIP rewards that I have "passed by" so far in Rewards? Would I gain any party passes, avatar coins, gems, building coins for just becoming a VIP, or is it solely earned benefits? Thank you.

  • Michael B17

    You would get all the rewards your up to in the top of the road thing so if you have 1100 reward points you would get every one of them


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