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charm parties



  • Official comment

    The host of a party gets one extra charm (assuming you attend) than everyone else.  So if for example 25 people come to your party, you'll get 26 charms when the party starts rather than the 25 everyone else will get.

    As for including a bit more help on the games - yes we could definitely use that.  We don't do a great job with explanations at the moment.  It's something we're trying to work on.


  • bonnie154

    ok i have thrown several charm parties but i have never noticed any extra charm after throwing a successful party. I get the same amount as everyone else in the room

  • Dougaroo

    It may be hard to spot.  For example on the 16th I see you hosted 3 parties.  Each time 25 people came.

    There were 2 charms required to enter the party, so everyone got 50 charms, except you as the host received 52 (1 more pair than everyone else).

    | created | event_id | attendees | charms_received |
    | 2020-06-16 09:04:19 | 1000025447 | 25 | 52 |
    | 2020-06-16 16:03:53 | 1000025497 | 25 | 52 |
    | 2020-06-16 17:00:37 | 1000025505 | 25 | 52 |
  • frockncoffee

    is it a must to buy drinks or gems

    I like the idea of earning them  I'm there so I can earn coins to play other games

    this is my 204th day in a row I got booted for nor buying gems and really rude clients I like the daily challenge

    when I need to take a break there is something there

    can you clarify this, please

  • Dougaroo

    For a party, the only requirement and the only guarantee is that you must pay for the charm to enter the party and you'll get a lot (usually 25) of those charms in return.

    After that, it's common for people to stick around and buy more charms and work towards the party buster.  But it is completely optional.  However, if you stick around for that part and don't buy anything while other people are, they may not like that and might decide to boot you from the party.  That's really up to the host.

    If you don't like what is happening during that phase, remember you can always host a party yourself and then you can be the one deciding what's expected. It's good to be clear what your expectations are (you can even put it in the description if you want or just in chat as people come in) so people don't get surprised.



  • GrandmaNancy

    it is difficult to keep track of who contributed at a party. I have never thrown a party.  Does the host have access to this information?


  • Dougaroo

    No there's no formal record keeping for the host.

    The only guarantee for a party is that everyone will pay for the entry fee charm and everyone who paid, will get a bunch of those charms (usually 25).

    After that it's an open house and people can buy charms or not.



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