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  • Official comment

    Thank you Jack.  We do appreciate the positive feedback!  And glad you like the changes.

  • MaggieMae

    The chat in parties by different players is MEAN. From begging and shaming to calling people out by name for not charming, it is disgusting. It is also the fastest way to get charms. I have noticed that there are less expensive charms sometimes in games. Like soda for 2 gems, that sort of thing. If you were to make those available all the time to everyone playing a game, I would never go into a party room again. It is sad to see people shamed because they don't dance! Is there a different approach you can try? Although I often spend my leisure budget on here, (Covid and all that) I will NOT stay in a party when the nagging and begging and shaming begins. That means I take the rest of my gems and leave. AND, it means I take my folding green with me as well. I LOVE it when someone starts a chain of soda in a game room and I can buy many of them by clicking the thanks button. I know that I am not rewarding bad behaviour. 

  • Dougaroo

    Sorry to hear about that behavior in parties Marnie.  Totally agree that people shouldn't be shaming others into doing other things - dancing, buying charms etc.

    You are right that you can generally buy charms in the game rooms and that can lead to a nice chain of reciprocal giving.  If you find the party scene not fun, you may just be better off sticking to buying charms in those rooms.

    Sorry I don't have a better suggestion at the moment.


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