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past vip claims for June



  • Official comment

    Yes you can. You'll be able to go back and collect all of the earlier rewards.

  • Chopper 65

    Hi guys I did not get the dog I didnt say anything but now cat went away also ? Am I doing somthing wrong is it my Lap top or wifi thanks 


  • Dougaroo

    If you go into the Avatar section of your Profile - do you see the pets there?

    You should be able to click on either the dog or the cat (if you earned them) and "put them on".

    If they are already shown as being in use, I'd suggest clicking on them (to take the pet "off") and then clicking again to put the pet back onto your avatar.  See if that helps.

    If it's still not working, let me know and we'll dig a bit deeper.


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