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Poker challenge a bit too challenging



  • Official comment

    Oh yeah that's a really tough one.  I'll pass that feedback back to the team.  Might be too tough.

  • Splice

    Second That.  :) 

  • Grandma K

    I agree


  • John4478 and Wof

    Hard to get but simple to block if you are just playing your regular game

  • iamsam

    150% agree


  • ta leen

    what you can do....pick a friend from your list....go into a "private" room, and you allow the other person to win 3x 10k in a row, then they let you win 3x in a row.  if other players show up, you go to another private room, then invite your friend to join you (so it's just the 2 of you).  Takes some cooperation with a friend.....but I've done works.


  • Beth Dutton

    my coins were not registering and i won 3 hands over 10,000 coin went to go bet and the system crashed i lost all my winnings 52,000 coins   that game sucks!!



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