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roulette challenge too tough



  • ta leen

    bet 7k on the "2 for 1" far right box - you'll win 21k unless it comes up 0 or 00.


  • John4478 and Wof

    The dozens bar also works at a 3 to 1 payout   bet 7k on one box


  • Moonbeam 7

    how do you bet 7k I tried and the 10 k keeps coming up 

  • GrandmaBear

    where is says the amount you are betting is a drop down and you highlight 1000 coins and you should be able to bet 7,ooo coins with no problem ... the far right is the quickest I found .. on my first bet I finished the challenge by playing 7,000 on all 3 and won 21,000 first spin .. no problem ... In the future for a challenge like this check the pay table for each amount until you find the right payout .. Hope this helps .. good luck .. :))

  • MamaDuke n Brady

    thanks everyone.  I did it!!!


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