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how do i reach customer support



  • MsCR8V

    Go to help which brings you here and submit a report that gets you customer service

  • NASCAR baby

    I would like to know if you would put a find a friend feature on your site so we can find our friend to play games with.  My girlfriend got me to play in this cite and we would like to be in the same room, like in TX 'em to play, but it's a pain jumping in and out of rooms to find each other.

  • Gusts 168

    need help give back my 4-h treasure box

  • PoppaGene

    I have been playing the Aladdin slots games and it does not credit me for my wins. ow can I fix this?

  • al4525

    Having trouble playing games.  I keeping getting screen message "cannot load room, contact customer service.  closing browser only does not help.

  • BlessedYear2022

    DanD is this were we go to make comments and complain about issues with customer support?

  • Michael B17

    FAQ = Frequently asked questions


  • Jackson W

    Issue with webpage errors how do you resolve to not receive these errors constantly.


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