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  • Official comment

    There are meant to be some special rules to allow the host back into their own party.  That's only possible before the party officially starts (before everyone gets their charms).

    So as long as the entry charms have not been handed out, the host should be always able to get into any of their party rooms - although it's not always clear which is the "main" room (normally that's the room with the host in it).  So if more than one party is going they may need a friend to group them into the main party to ensure they get into the correct room.


  • MI5

    Here's the scenario I'm talking about.  A party is scheduled by the host on the party board to begin at 6:00p.m.  Friends and others enter the room early.  To me that is the main party room (Room 1)...where everyone is expecting the host to arrive.  However, the room fills to 25 max capacity.  Anyone trying to enter the party after that gets thrown into what I call an overflow room (Room 2).  The party then starts at 6:00p.m. in the main room (Room 1) and charms are handed out.  Then the host finally arrives and wants into their own party.  The host should be allowed to select which party room they want to enter.  If there is more than 1 room created for that party (main and overflow). That is NOT happening.  Perhaps when a host goes to their own party, they should be given the option of which room to enter if there is more than 1 room...maybe label them Room 1, Room 2, etc.  In any event, the host should be allowed into ANY of their party rooms at ANY time...whether before party starts or after it has started and charms are handed out.

  • Dougaroo

    That's a great explanation MI5.

    However, we never allow anyone (even the host) to enter a party room after the party has started and everyone has received the entry charms.  If we allowed that, the host could surf among the rooms after the parties had all started, never paying the entry fee themselves and getting all of the benefits from the party buster.

    So that's just not something we allow.

    The host is given special privileges to ensure they can get into any of their party rooms, but only before the party triggers.

  • MI5

    That is a stupid rule.  The host shouldn't have to pay the entry fee in 1st place since they paid to just host the matter how many rooms are spawned because of rooms filling up.  But since they do have to pay the entry fee, why not just charge them on the 1st room they choose to enter and let them go to whatever room they want, whenever they want?  They only get charms after a party has started when they're actually in the room.  So if they start in Room 1, get 20 charms and then poof to Room 2, they're no longer getting charms gifted in Room 1 when they leave it.  You are encouraging people to host parties, but then penalizing the host by not giving them the freedom to move about and share in their own party rooms.  If you're going to be that strict on the host, then you just shouldn't allow creation of spawned party rooms.  Very misleading to party goers.  I'm pretty sure all, if not most members at Casino World would agree with me on this.  Perhaps instead of just giving me your Help Desk response on this, you should present it to decision makers who will consider the image this projects to their customers and give them the opportunity to discuss and determine what your policy should be.

  • Dougaroo

    Certainly appreciate that you disagree with the decision MI5, but this isn't a bug, it's a reasoned decision and been through many discussions and iterations.

    Hosts already get a bonus charm for any party they successfully host, which compensates them for the cost of hosting the party.

    Also I'm an engineer, not part of the help desk team and fully aware of the discussions around how parties should work :)

    Appreciate you taking the time to write in, but this feature isn't one that we're likely to change any time soon.


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  • MsCR8V

    IloveBcupGirls...Ive been booted in overflow room many times and that room has to load like the first room until you get your charms, sometimes it doesnt so it becomes a missed party. I've even made it to the first room many times and then site asks me to agree to use passes when i click yes i get booted to overflow room O_o this has happened many times to me..i leave if i cant get involved with original room. I agree with you this site needs to have transparency with how everything works for players to fully enjoy their experience here.

  • LuckIs A Lady

    What MsCR8V is talking about in her post above just happened to me for the first time twice in two days, once on CW and once on 7 Seas.  I've been on CW a little over 100 days, and 7 Seas about 30 days.

    In both cases, I was personally invited by very popular, longtime player hosts to attend their party.  At both parties I was in the main room socializing with the host and other guests prior to the party starting.  However, when it officially began, I was whisked away from it, to the screen that asks you to pay, then found myself in overflow. 

    The first time it happened I didn't know what was going on, except all of a sudden I realized I was at a different party than the one I had been at before, because I didn't see any of the people that I'd just been with.  I was totally puzzled as to how I got there, and it didn't occur to me that I was in the overflow room, since I was originally in the main party room.  I left and  clicked on "Locate" to find my host, then clicked on "Join" them, and got message that the party was full.  I messaged the host to say I didn't know what happened & she didn't seem to either.  When it happened again tonight, this time I was able to figure it out.  So as you have more and more longtime players who have lots of friends, this is probably happening more and more often. 

    It is very upsetting, when you believe you've made it into the main party, and then you get bumped out to overflow, which may or may not start, and isn't where your friends are.  Also, overflow doesn't usually have the host and the often relatively few guests who gift the largest value charms. Experienced players tend to go to parties where they know the host or at least have determined what level they are in the game, so there is some expectation as to what level of gifting will occur.  There is no way to tell in advance what the makeup of an overflow room will be.

    How does the software determine who goes to overflow when the party officially starts and there are too many people in the main room?  Is it arbitrary or does it go by checking to see how early you got there, and bumping out the later arrivals?  Like someone above said, this is how sometimes a host can't get into their own party, or gets "booted" from it, into overflow.

    I think when the max number of guests has been reached prior to party's official start, anyone trying to enter the room after that should get a message saying that you will most likely end up in the overflow room if you stay.  If you know before you get into the party that you might end up in overflow, you can choose whether or not you want to even go, and then it won't be a shock to you or your host and friends when you suddenly disappear.

    Also, I believe there should be some way to always allow the host to get into the main party room, even if they come late, or get there after the max number of guests are already there, but before the party starts.

  • LuckIs A Lady

    What I said above may be the reason that I have seen quite a few of the popular longtime players have made their cities private, which means no one can get into their parties until the official start time.

  • LuckIs A Lady

    I was just thinking about the being booted into overflow from the main party room when the party officially starts thing. I thought of an analogy of what it felt like, although this has never happened to me IRL.

    It's like you've gotten past the doorman and into the popular nightclub with your friends, and you're talking and laughing and having a good time, then all of a sudden the bouncer comes up, grabs you by the collar, drags you out of the club, and throws you into the alley.

    Yes, I'm probably being too sensitive and overly dramatic, but just being totally honest about how it felt to me.

  • Gene 01

    Hi Luckis A Lady

    I had the same problem and found the quicker you press the button the less chance of the boot. The first 25 to pay get in. Some of the best parties I have ever been to were in overflow.


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