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Private room parties



  • Official comment

    When you create a party, you can choose who is allowed to come.  Everyone, just friends, VIPs only...

    See in the bottom right of the dialog.  I'm not sure if these options are only available to VIPs or if everyone has these selections, but that's where you make the choice.


  • MI5

    Nothing said here addresses the question about PRIVATE ROOMS.  There are no PRIVATE parties...only Public or Friends invitee parties that include everyone (VIP unchecked) or limited to VIP (VIP checked).  If you select Public without VIP, anyone can try to attend' if you select Pubic with VIP, anyone with VIP status can try to attend; if you select Friends without VIP, only people on your Friends list can try to attend; and if you select Friends with VIP, only people on your Friends list that have VIP status can try to attend.

    As for PRIVATE ROOMS, that's a separate issue.  My beef with PRIVATE ROOMS is that they are not truly PRIVATE.  I can choose to launch a PRIVATE ROOM game of Texas Holdem and invite whomever I starts out private, but then anyone can either locate you and join or just happen to pop in because they tried to start one too.  Why isn't a PRIVATE room truly a PRIVATE room that non-invitees CANNOT enter?????

  • Padrino1

    where do the tickets/charms go when you "pay" to enter a party?

  • Luck Is ALady

    M15, while I'm not far enough along in CW to be needing Private Rooms, I know something about them from a friend who's achieved Lifetime VIP status, and hosts Private Game Sessions.  According to that person, prior to the party the invitees need to go to their Settings and in the Privacy & Sharing section change the setting "Friends See Me When I'm Online" to "No".   Friends are the only players who can locate you, and by changing this setting, they won't be able to. The host  needs to remain visible until all the invitees arrive so they can find the room.  Then as soon as everyone is there, they need to change their setting to "No" also.

    As far as people "just popping in", if you invite the number of people needed to fill the room, it shouldn't be a problem.  Probably what works best is to pick a day & time to have your private game, then let the invitees know the details before hand, and stress the fact that everyone needs to be on time..  Also, get the invitees to rsvp.  That way if someone can't make it, you can invite someone else to make sure the room will be full.


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