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Building Payout



  • Official comment

    Yes buildings pay out more coins at the start.  They actually keep paying out forever (something which currently is hidden, because the coins are added to the prizes that appear from other buildings), but they really do go on forever.  We plan to make that clearer in a future version - hopefully in another month or so.

    As for storage - that's just in case you'd like your city to look different at different times.  You can put some buildings into storage and bring them out again later.  It doesn't affect how many coins or prizes they will produce.

  • DiveDeep

    Hi, the new Payout method in the City is causing some issues.

    First is the lockup issue that I'm experiencing while trying to collect prize boxes - In order to get to the prize boxes, the coins must first be collected.  Then while collecting prize boxes in the storage area, after a brief amount of time, (too brief to find and collect my prize boxes), coins have been added to some buildings, at this time, the screen locks up, unable to select or navigate anywhere in the city, or to leave the city.  Forces a reload of the page.  With over 500 buildings, this takes forever.  Yesterday it took me over an hour to find and collect the prize boxes.

    Second is the appearance, frankly, I enjoyed messing around with my city previously, building it into a design that works for me, but now, with the coin icons hiding my view on all the buildings, I've just moved the majority of the buildings into storage.  It's just no longer any fun.

    It seems that a simple popup message about buildings generating coins forever would have sufficed, the implemented solution to cover literally every building, every couple of hours with Coin and Prize icons just detracts from the city, as well as being very cumbersome.

    My PERSONAL view is that I would prefer to see it go back to the way Prize boxes were generated and Coins and Prizes from other buildings consolidated.  So Far I haven't seen a lot of positive comments about the new method from people in the party rooms.

    Would love to see other comments about the new method (Pros and Cons) if anyone reads this message.

  • DiveDeep

    By the way, I want you to understand that despite the negative tone in my previous message, I appreciate the hard work that you at CW put in to keep the site interesting and fresh for us, and I hope that more will comment about like/dislike the new method, I'm more than willing to live with whichever method that other members are most comfortable with, I just happen to prefer the older method.

  • Dougaroo

    Iggie generally the feedback we've heard has been strongly positive for the new system, but there's no question that we've also got some problems, especially with large cities.

    It seems for some players (like you) when this change came in, we also introduced a bug during collection of the prizes, which can sometimes cause the city to hang and force you to reload.  Reloading can then produce more prizes and you get stuck in a loop - much as you did.  So very sorry about that.  We did find and fix a bug related to collecting prizes from within the storage area and that may help in the future (after Monday's release).

    Also we'll need to see if we can adjust the way coins and prizes are generated and claimed in large cities so it doesn't become a burden - which certainly is not our intention.

  • DiveDeep

    Thank you Dougaroo, your response is much appreciated.  Speaking to another CW VIP member, she mentioned that what she would like to see would be an option (as a selection) for the coins/prizes to be visible or not visible, or in a separate button.  I don't know how well that would work, but you might kick it around in your brainstorming sessions with the programmers.

    Again, Thank you


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