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Party payouts are like going out of business - less than half a penny on the dollar



  • aBoyAndHisDog

    kinda forgot to mention to all party shamers. try all you want to corner someone and make them buy. sad if they do but shame on the bully x2 if they do because that bully pushed them.

  • BlessedYear2022

    I can so understand why you say that i have to agree!, you invest a lot in charms to bust a party but the winnings at diff points need to reflect the value of the charms invested so everyone feels a winner, sooner or later the generous charmers are going to burnout and question why they invest so much gems to not get a return, unless their hearts are generous and they have the money to burn on giving so much gems away, but if money is tight for players you def want to be careful of how you invest your gems.

    I don,t like seeing party shamers, very sad to see people influenced by that kind of behavior

  • Ernie518

    This is still going on the a year.  Party pay outs are terrible just like the game 'Sea of Riches".  All you get are charms or one party pass.  



  • MamaDuke n Brady

    I agree. I am losing interest in CW

    because the payouts are so bad.  You invest so much at the parties, and more than likely, no gems at the end, or if you do get gems, they are embarrassingly small.  Shameful, CW! 


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