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Booted Out



  • Official comment

    Sorry to hear you got booted out of a party Elvis. That is annoying when that happens.

    If that seems to happen a lot for you, you may find that refreshing the page before you go to a party may help.

    I assure you we continually look for ways to improve the code and fix problems like this where we find them.

    I would like to point out that while it's annoying, you don't lose any Gems or party passes if this happens. When you go to a party, you agree to spend them when your enter, but you aren't actually charged until the party starts and everyone gets their charms. So if you get booted and have to rejoin, you won't be charged twice.

    Still annoying I know, but you won't lose any Gems or party passes if this happens.

  • BlessedYear2022

    yes it seems to be a big issue and i think more players are having these issues but just not saying anything. I hope they get it fixed because i was advancing nicely in the new isis game and the page froze on me many times i had to reload, not happy about that.

  • Guyathome

    I have been getting "sorry there is a problem message" in Osiris, losing  bets and winnings, so the overload could be an issue.  I often refresh between games and other pages while using my computer.

  • Dougaroo

    Osiris is new and it still has a few problems.  So those are just straight up bugs in the code and we're working on them and fixing them (two rounds of fixes have already gone out since Monday).

    So that game should settle down as we sort out the remaining issues.

    We know that's annoying when that happens, so we're working hard to clear them out as quickly as possible.

    (The good news is that you don't actually lose any coins when these issues happen - when your bet is received, the winnings are computed and paid out immediately to your account but it's still annoying if the game messes up and you have to refresh).


  • DoctorO

    You still should be Beta-testing these games before you release them.


  • Randy aka Randy

    I had several issues tonight with the reload and error screens in parties and playing slots. I got completely out of CW and then back in. Room chats and whisper chats were delayed and the game has locked up playing Texas hold em. 

  • Dandelion Wishes

    Agree - what a constant costly pity, spoils the fun experience... Back to blow'n in the wind :)

  • Michael B17

    This has been going on for months with no solution in site they just say its our internet or computers when I have the top of the line everything and it still happens in partys and slots and Dragon Majong.  I could have other websites open same time and they don't need reloaded just this one

  • cathy2378

    my question is can anyone just boot someone  from the room. the reason I ask is i spent14 passes to get in a party and it was a success and one of the people started yelling at me to toss a charm and several people followed her.  when I got tired of seeing them beg i sent a message saying "toss me" and someone did, I found myself in the lobby.  I'm not asking for my 14 passes. I went in to another party and I got100 gems so whoever tossed me did me a favor.  I give charms when I feel like it and don't appreciate people trying to push me to do it.

  • Michael B17

    Only the host can boot you from there party

  • cathy2378

    Thank you Michael  I guess the host booted me.  it's fine, I will continue playing as I have been doing for the past year and ignore the rude people in the rooms. 

  • funntface

    for two days, I have been booted in games, please help!  can't play poker or solitaire without being booted 3 to 5 time.


  • Samantha

    Please try the steps in this article: Connection Loss Suggestions 


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