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  • Official comment

    If your city is not loading correctly, we will see if we can figure out why that's happening.  It sounds like there's a problem with loading the art for some of them (causing the city to flash).

    Don't worry though - you will not lose any buildings while we sort this out.

  • Gigi n Scott

    I'm sorry I disagree. We are not getting as many coins as before on our buildings. Sometimes I would get over a million, 2 million etc. from one building. I'm lucky if I get that from all the buildings. Also how often do all the coins show up? Does it depend on which Treasure box you choose. We've had many discussions about this new way of collecting coins and charms. Most people are very confused. I suggest when you make these kind of changes you need to let us know. Should be a simple thing to post it.




    I agree, plus I opened my coins, thought I would leave my gifts for a while as I was only getting beers etc... now they are all gone... did not realize I had to open them when I took my coins.... also when you hit one coin they all open, so how can they build up... 

    Dougaroo. can you please send us an email or post when you make changes and how we should manage these changes... Thank you Mrs 11mercy me.. you asked a lot of questions we needed answered.. TY

    Will we still earn large charms, gems, pp,  etc... or now just get a lot of little charms...

    Repeating myself.. would be great to have a page to go and read rules, change etc etc. 

    Thank you,  

    PS.. if we all did not love playing at CW and making the friends we have made here... we would not care to ask...


    Now with the changes, and only getting 1 or 2 party passes, or a 1 clover charm out of a 25 mil up graded building. People are going to think long and hard, about spending money to upgrade their cities. The investment is not with the return.

  • 11Mrs Mercy Me
    • 🏛 Buildings/coins/green boxes: 
    • I have all these coins but don't know if I should leave them?

    When I do collect coins in city, I only receive thousands of coins from them not the usual millions I am used to. When I collect the coins then I get green boxes with one clover charms. 

    Dougaroo we discussed the City building collection of prizes a couple of months back. You did say there would be changes and I appreciate your understanding of the frustration we have. But now I am more confused then before. I sometimes go to my city and all those coins are gone, except one. Then when I come back again the city has a coin over each building. I don't know if they build up in time like the green boxes did. So I am not opening them at this time hoping they increase. I had 5 boxes 1 for sure had millions of coins in it. When the switch over happened those boxes were lost. So am I starting over? The green boxes also would contain, party passes, gems, large 3-4 clover charms. Now each box has a one clover charm. I don't even play with one clover charms except when I stack them. I know you all are working hard to make a "better" game but it just doesn't feel better at this point. I am now discouraged about buying new buildings. My plan was 1 25million building bucks building per month. For a small amount of coins and a one clover charm I can't justify the purchase. these are close to 20 dollars a piece. 

    So that is my statement: My question's are: 1. Do the coins and green boxes build up? 2. How do I upgrade a building with all those coins over them? 3. Are the green boxes only seen after collection the coins. 4. Did the pays change significantly to a lower amount on expensive buildings? 5. Am I starting over? 


    Thank you for your time. Thank you for keeping this community chat available so we can understand. My hope is that tutorials would become available for each area: Parties, Buildings, Avatars, Milestones, and any other points of interest the community of Casino World would have. What I believe is Knowledge is Power at playing these games to the greatest satisfaction and enjoyment. Plus with updated information we wouldn't have to bother you and you could spend your time doing what you do best. 


    Mrs. Mercy Me

  • Dougaroo

    1.  The coins and boxes will build up, much as before, if you don't choose to collect them.  But there's really no advantage to waiting.  You will get the same value if you collect them now or later.  E.g. If you've earned 10,000 coins and 1 charm now and you wait a day, you might get another 10,000 coins and another charm.  If you wait, you'll get 20,000 coins and 2 charms.  So you can wait, but there's no real reason to.

    2.  I don't think you can upgrade a building while it has coins to collect.  But as I said, there's no real reason to wait.

    3. Yes the green boxes only are shown after you collect the coins.  If you don't collect them immediately, the boxes will still be there (possibly under the coins again) the next time you visit.

    4. No the payout is actually just the same as before.  However, when we switched over from the old system to the new system, we didn't correctly transfer some of the prizes that people had earned, but not claimed yet.  We will be fixing that and giving you those earned prizes from the old system.  Hopefully that will be in just a few days here.  We're working on it now.

    5. No you're not starting over.  The total payout from your city is actually the same as before, it's just the way that's presented is quite a bit different.  And that change may initially be confusing if you understood how the old system worked, but we hope this new system will actually be clearer for most people - because how it's shown now is actually how it always worked (all buildings produced coins at all times).  It's just we used to collect up those coins into the green prizes and now we show where the coins actually come from (which is spread over all of your buildings).

    Hope that helps explain what's going on.

  • 11Mrs Mercy Me



    Thank you for answering the questions. How I see it is how you explained it. That gives a picture perfect explanation of the changes.  I can see the change. I now feel more informed. 

  • Dougaroo

    Before we collected all of the payout from your city and presented it as if it had all come from one or two buildings (typically the newer buildings you had just bought). Now we're showing more of the reality for where the coins (and prizes) are really coming from.

    So you are still getting the same value as before (although the mix of coins and charms might be a little different than before) from your city buildings. It's just now it's actually a truer reflection of what is producing what.

    Of course if that changes your opinion about whether to upgrade buildings or not, that's perfectly reasonable.

    And yes, the comments suggesting we could do better at explaining all of this are certainly fair. We tend to spend more time building new features and less time on explaining them all, and that could be improved.


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