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season vault



  • Official comment

    The season vault pays out automatically at the end of the month. The first day you sign in next month, you'll collect everything you earned in your vault this month.

  • Michael B17

    Wow  thank you  how do we earn the gems and coins in the first box ?

  • Dougaroo

    You get a fraction back of what you spend.  So the more coins and gems spent in the month, the larger the vault at the end of the month.  It's like a "cash back" program on your credit card.


  • Michael B17

    Thanks for answering my questions I never knew about this stuff till today   gonna keep going on my challanges now I thought you get to 1000 and quit

  • Mrdon

    Getting Gems R better!!! Than Coins!!! I know it's not many but it's better than coins!!!!

    Mrdon POV!!!

  • WinterLuvR

    Mrdon n Strait getting gems is exciting but what would be more exciting is the ability to see them grow and last! but the site soaks them up so fast, I wish we could win larger amounts more often, i think that would make the site more exciting to play.


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