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Boxes don't open



  • JMAN57

    About every one in three times. I only collect once a day, but always 1 to 3 boxes won't open, and you just end up moving the building around trying to get it to open.

  • gail3

    I am unable to get into my city. It says the system crashed. I have tried twenty times

  • 11Mrs Mercy Me

    Yes I too had problems with my city, got disconnected when collecting coins, no extra coins when I came back and no coins over buildings, boxes you click and they don't open. Have to refresh to to get them to open. Gifts on 25,000,000 that's million buidings is a one or 2 clover charm. I waited like you said dougaroo just to test your theory about charms and coins. Well couldn't wait on coins always accidently hit something but boxes waited 7 days to open most the most charms I reicieved was 4 not seven. I just think mayby a lot of memory is being used. I like knowing what each buiding pays on a daily basis. But one think I noticed cause I am a woman I never get emotional about the gifts, I don't say to myself wow! that was crazy wonderful. But on treasure boxes I have so tit 4 tat I guess. 


    I know they are working on an issue with connection issues, today 2x speed up on party bar love it love it, except one thing.....Went to party right before last box which husband said they got 36 gems I was disconnected couldn't get back fast enough cause speed up on bar, right my connection speed runs at 97 to 98 percent all day, I have wi fi amplifiers and my motem is real close. So I don't  have a speed issue. . As much as I need to go to party for charms this was a real disappointment. So I guess will wait on the parties till the issue is fixed too bad I really like speed up on bar days they just don't come that offten. Have a great day ev1 ...... have fun with your friends this place is a guiness site just some bugs that need exterminated in the city I think. 


    Oh NorCal girl your avatar is from Vegas World somehow you are crossing over the uncrossable bridge maybe an issue!

  • NorCal Girl

    11Mrs Mercy Me, the only way I can sign on to the Community Forum is to go thru Vegas World.  I had opened a ticket several months ago but they never fixed the problem and closed my ticket as solved.  I gave up trying!

  • GrandmaBear

    I too had a problem with my boxes opening .. I found a quick tip for you all .. enlarge your city and the boxes will now open ..  I hope this helps you .. Bear Hugs

  • BlessedYear2022

    NorCal Girl

    I just made a comment on the issue you have for GrandmaBear ( she had an issue with tickets/comments being deleted) so this post explains both issues.... GuyatHome opened a forum Post on this very issue, because of what was shared in there I was able to do the same you will see that under todays forum activity, he will walk you through it.

    CW needs to have a welcome page that explains how to do these things 

  • Whitey n Coco

    Today I have 10 gift boxes that won't open I tried the enlarging suggestion twice but that didn't help.  Yesterday a number of them didn't open. This has been happening often but today was the worst. 10 boxes! That's a lot of charms.  I've found if you leave the city they won't be there when you go back. tried a few times to reboot but they were gone each time.  I thought losing 2 or 3 was sad. but 10?  come on casino world fix this, please!


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