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Today is 2X Turbo in charm parties



  • BlessedYear2022

    Glad they move fast and bust but have still been at a few where they dont bust :/ so i just leave after seeing myself and a few are the only contributors and my gem count is limited so I cant afford the HUGE charms just modest ones to budget with and support the party I just hv 112 gems left they just put fake avatars in a room to fill it? 

  • Michael B17

    I think all are real people.  I got alot of party passes from my "city boxes"  there slowing down now only about 2 of 3 are busting.  I do mostly the 5 gem ones so I am not out much when they dont bust

  • NorCal Girl

    I think it's great.  The only parties that I have been in that don't bust is when there are only 1 or 2 people giving charms.

  • Michael B17

    Yeah that happens  one party today besides the 26 beer for starting only got 2 more charms,


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