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Rather obvious that Slots are not random.



  • Official comment

    Randomness is a fascinating topic and I won't get into a big discussion here about what people expect random to look like and what truly random does look like. But I will just state for the record that the spins are random. However that's essentially impossible to prove in a forum post so if you feel otherwise, you are welcome to your opinion.

    One thing you observed is completely correct. When you hit spin, our servers determine the outcome of the spin instantly. That is then sent back to your computer which then shows the reels dropping into place and paying out. This means that if your computer crashed in the middle of showing the payout you would have already received the coins in your balance (since that happens on our servers).

    So good spotting there.

  • Wolfmanjack

    Thank you for the response Dougaroo

  • Meme201

    Interesting, I was wondering about that Wolfmanjack, I play a lot of slot games & noticed the same things.

  • konrad

    yes i have seen that too when trying to complete a slot challenge


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