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Party Pass. What is it?



  • Official comment

    Parties are all about Charms and prizes.

    You agree to pay a fee (in either Gems or party passes) to go to the party.  Then if 25 people also come to the party, everyone gets charged the entry fee (the price of one Charm) and they get 25 Charms each.

    After that the party may continue on with people gifting each other charms and working to "bust" the party (which is getting prizes as people gift charms to each other).

    So basically they're a great way to get Charms.  Plus you can meet and chat with other people in the game.

  • Starla3

    I have Party Passes but don't see a way to use them. Where is that option?

  • Michael B17

    Click on parties and go into some parties

  • Dougaroo

    Like Michael says, if you have party passes and go to a party, they will be used to pay the entry fee.

  • investigator

    party passes are always used first, whenever you go to a party. Unless you tell it not to use the passes & use gems instead. Which is not a wise thing to do.


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