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Can Casino World Create Holiday rooms for us to stand in? it really would be fun to enjoy the festive Spirit of the Seasons



  • BigHnd4ALiLady

    I agree,!! What fun!! People STAY @ FUN websites & it doesn’t cost them an arm/leg to play there & they KEEP the website FRESH!! @ least every quarter! Also try some football team logo’s, teams etc. lots of idea’s, right? Tx fir your Perusal!!!


  • BlessedYear2022

    Im commenting on this again to bring it to the feature comment, it would be sad if we get into December only to get challenges related to Christmas be achieved later ...

    • Can December in CW be Festive for us Investors/players who want to enjoy Christmas theme on this site? 
    • Can CW creators and public relations persons communicate with us investors what we have to look forward to on the site from month to month?
    • Can there be a public relations person communicate with us when we post questions here? ( it would be decent of you to reply to our questions and hear your feedback )
    • Does Casino World care about what its investors want to see and experience on this game site? ( its not looking good, you feed us crumbs then disappear ) 
    • sighs.....ty ahead of time for taking the time to read my post, ponder it, consider if you will respond or not, decide if its worth a reply..or ignore it because you got the game site going this far do you really need to give it more effort to make the right changes? or even the right fun generous changes for the investers of your game site? 



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