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Gems missing in Gold Sea of Riches Promo yesterday! :( today they are back! grrrrr!!!



  • Official comment

    I think Gems are being phased out of the rewards to be won on Sea of Riches and new prizes will be coming in instead. We had complaints from users about spending Gems to win Gems.  So if you want to spin for Gems, best to wait for a day when they're still available and use up your spins then, before they are gone for good.

    You will continue to be able to win Gems from challenge rewards and the Treasure Box.  There is a good thread on the forums about smart ways to work with the Treasure Box.  Good to read up on that.


  • WinterLuvR

    It would be nice to know what actions and changes are happening on the game site ahead of time so we know whats happening, instead of everything being a guessing game and mystery because its not being communicated to the players :( Have a forum section on this site for upcoming changes etc 

  • Victoria1869

    Playing Sea of Riches in the gold and game locked up and I lost free games. Please check game. Thank you

  • alison2260

    I won gems in the gold sea of riches twice yesterday.. only 40 each time..But that's better than the jungle juice charm, which should NOT be in the gold section..


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