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We need to be able to gift our own surplus party passes to others



  • NorCal Girl

    Great idea Gram!

  • cathy2378

    I don't understand.  You use the party passes to get into the party rooms.  Why would you want to give them away.

  • BigHnd4ALiLady

    I agree!

  • Grandma K

    Nice idea!  How would you determine who needs them and would want them?


  • Casinos Rule

    I ran out of gems at a party so I asked if there was any way to gift some of my party passes to another player at the party who had plenty of gems so they could buy a round. One gal told me how to do it. I gifted her with 5 passes two times but she left the party right after that. In hind sight, I should have told her ahead of time that I was going to do that so she would have known to stay. I could have gifted her many more cuz she was spending a lot of gems trying to keep the party moving.

  • Kaos

    CW is in business to make money. So of course they want to sell gems.

  • Ima Mazing

    I like getting party passes. I spend enough money on gems so when I can get in a party for “free” with passes I love it! Then I can use what gems I have to buy charms for the guests at the party. 

  • Luck Is ALady

    Casinos Rule, could you tell me how to gift some of your party passes to another player?  If you don't want to post it here, could you message me privately?  Thanks.

  • Samantha

    There's only the way to purchase Party Passes for other players with your Gems. You can't gift your own Party Passes to other players.

  • Michael B17

    Click on that persons profile and at the top of there profile is says send gift click that and go to the bottom and see the different value party passes you can send


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