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cheap party rewards



  • Official comment

    I'll answer a few of these things but my main advice is simple. If you don't enjoy playing I would suggest trying a different game. It should be fun and if it's not try something else.

    That being said let me answer a few specifics.

    The main value for a charm party is the charms you get. Not the party buster rewards. Those are just meant to be a fun little bonus. I think we don't explain that well enough.

    There aren't different payouts for people who pay from people who don't and we don't break the game for people who aren't spending money. That would be wrong, but iit would also be bad business. It would also be a lot of work and we're busy making games.

    Mut generally we have 100,000s of players and we certainly are aware that while most people are happy, with that many people, not everyone will be. We try to help and address as many concerns as we can but we'll never make everybody happy.

    Also, yes we are a business. We need to make money to pay our salaries so we can keep making the game. We're a very small company but we are a company. So we do offer things for you to buy. But we also recognize that lots of people will not buy anything and that's fine too. You can always play forever for free.

    Indeed I would wager that nothing I have said here makes any of you feel much better. That's the nature of talking over the web. If we met in person you'd probably feel differently. But we can't.

    So we will continue working to make Casino World as good as we can, working on it every day to make it better, if our efforts aren't good enough for you, we respect that and you should really try playing something else.

  • Sports Fan

    That's why i won't play those Charm party's anymore they are a waste. I thought by going into a  Charm Party that cost 50 gems to get into you would get something out of it. I got a total of 3 gems lol. It's a joke!

  • NorCal Girl

    That's why I'm just in for the initial charms, then leave the party.  I usually only go to GNG's so it doesn't offend anyone


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