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  • Official comment

    Just to be clear - the main payout from a party are the charms everyone buys for each other.

    The party buster is meant to be the dessert, not the main course.  Maybe that's not clear?


  • Michael B17

    On a steak party I just got a coin bag 600,000 didn't make it to the final box to see what it was

  • MamaDuke n Brady

    It is so disappointing to see a cheapie charm at the end of really big parties, please do something about Vegas Rick

  • Michael B17

    I tried to take up a go fund me page send him on a permanent vacation

  • Magic Mayhem

    Folks-the Charmers need to give at least the equal amount of entrance charms to move that meter!!!  There are a lot of folks that do not buy or just buy beer-That will not move the meter!!!  Look at the clovers when buying charms for payout.  if you have a candy cane party that is a 2 clover payout.  beers won't get it!  I know some of us get low on gems-I do, but I have also done my share when I can.  We do have some real freeloaders though....if you have a beer party and just buy beer-that will move the meter but don't expect big payouts......Dougaroo has been pretty gracious considering some of the rudeness he takes...My mama always said "pretty is as pretty does"


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