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VIP December Seasons Challenge reward ( I really wished you made the pet Festive)



  • Grandma K

    Something to think about - not every one is happy to celebrate the season.

  • BlessedYear2022

    Kath I understand that but alot of people it makes them we let the unhappy ones pull that happy spirit down? perhaps they need to create a survey for everyone involved to see what they want to see...Just a thought, I wont stop celebrating because there are a few that have issues with it

  • Sports Fan

    I agree with you xHollyxnoelx. I said me my peace on what i think they need to do. I give up because nothing gets done.

  • WinterLuvR

    Another option would be to create 2 or 3 Pet options to choose from

    1. One for those who Celebrate Christmas
    2. One for Players who dont celebrate christmas
    3. or Create a variety of up to 10 Pets to choose from for the VIP Pet Gift of the month
  • Dianne37

    I really like the idea of letting us players have a seclection for the VIP Pet Gift of the month !!!!


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