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Slots Jackpot?



  • Michael B17

    Yeah I think so good luck winning it tho.  

  • BlessedYear2022

    Right! Imagine winning a Billion or more? WOW!

    ...honestly the incentives on this site are so spaced out it seems they wait for most of us to be so desperate to win that we do invest a bit of coin...Im not investing in this site anymore after this month.

    I enjoy the forums, I'm not a complainer but if something needs to be changed I do communicate.

     Ive done alot of communicating to this site via forums and got very little feedback and if I did get feedback its still wishy washy information..its alot of we will look into it and I dont knows or I will pass that on! no clear tangible information! no transparency! just unexpected updates! we even had to bug CW to explain games somewhere on the site....not impressed at all and not giving this site any more of my time or effort.

    I'm curious how many other players are starting to feel the same?

    ~*~     MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL & CHEERS!!    ~*~


  • konrad

    i am getting close to doing the same, alot of time and effort for a minimum payout CONSISTENTLY.

  • scottyg1

    No kidding, right

  • WinterLuvR

    DMC 313 yes 


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