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  • Michael B17

    Nothing inspiring about being over 6 billion away and only get a charm and building and building blocks when you get there

  • Mike n Samson

    Milestone challenges do suck 5.5 months trying to make the next one. The slot machines here are worse than  the ones in a real casino I have better luck there than CW machines. you make 1 or 2 hundred million than takes back 3 hundred million back. I belive  CW has it were some people can make billions & some have to fight for weeks to make 1 hundred million. CW is making 19.99 a month of real money from you to be a VIP. and won't let you make next Milestone levels.

  • Michael B17

    On mystic billions I usually get 25 to 30 million with 100,000 bet and autospin 250.  that is with charms 3 clovers or better


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