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Roulette is not counting my wins AGAIN!! Please fix this!



  • WinterLuvR

    UPDATE: went back to play with same 100,000 bet the same way and the site counts 3 of them but wouldnt count the other 3 wins I made after  :(  there clearly is a bug in the system with this !

    these kind of challenges are frustrating when the site isnt doing what its suppose to, really frustrating!

    Im betting double street 100,000 bet winning 300,000 I won this challenge can you please fix this?

  • arklady9

    I have the same problem, except my wheel keeps on spinning, have this issue each time I try to play roulette.  I was told I was losing connection, but I'm not.  I'm connected to the server at all times, and it sure is frustrating.


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