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New Slot Game Penguin Pengwin



  • Official comment

    That's a very rough run NorCal but I did just run a quick check and overall the game is paying out at 106%, so some people are getting lucky on it.

    | payout | sum(plays) |
    | 106.2695 | 354007 |
  • RxRLavenderLuv

    I played it yesterday and had good winings :) love the graphics very fun to see a winter theme 

  • NorCal Girl

    Maybe I will wait a month or so and try it again.  I do like the graphics!

  • BlessedYear2022

    NorCal if you have charms saved up, use them only in slots and try the highest bet because your guaranteed a high win on every bet amount. dont waste your best charms on low bets use them for the highest to get the best payout, you will see a difference in your winnings.

  • Jerseydevil

    im happy ya put a new game up i won BIG MONEY ON IT..........thankyou!!


  • Ernie518

    I stopped playing this challenge after a few days that led to most of the month. What a waste of time and money. Played a low and high bets and gave up. No extra spins, not worth it.  Beware people.  So happy some people made out well. You probably are a VIP member. But going to a real, live casino, slots are fixed, LOL


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